Tax Preparation Services for Seattle Area

How much does it cost you to do your own taxes?

Think free? Think again. Preparing your own tax return can cost you thousands of dollars in missed deductions and leave you with more questions than when you started. Often even simple returns can be confusing and you run the risk of missing out on credits or deductions that will save you money.

I’m a professional tax nerd with a Master’s Degree in Professional Accountancy and 20 years of experience filing returns for individuals and small businesses. You don’t have time to read thousands of pages of tax codes to find every opportunity to save money, but I do. I have a passion for crunching numbers and a standard of service that can’t be matched by strip-mall tax preparers and cheap software.

Why trust your tax return to me?

  • Personal attention to your specific needs
  • Your return is checked with advanced software to identify potential IRS conflicts and reduce government contacts
  • Tax returns are filed electronically so you get your refund quicker
  • I’ll show you how to adjust payroll withholding to get more money every week. Stop giving the government interest-free loans and keep more of your money
  • I’ll teach you about new deductions to limit next year’s tax liability and give you a Deduction Guide that will help you spot possible tax breaks throughout the year
  • MBA education and an A+ Better Business Bureau Rating
  • More money, less stress – I love doing taxes! Do you?